Military Spouse, Mom Of 3 Boys, And An Independent Business Owner

Hi!  I'm so glad to find such a nice site to share our stories.  So hard to decide where to begin....  I guess a short bio would work.  I married my high-school sweetheart almost 10 years ago now.  We have 3 handsome boys; ages 4, 7, and 10.  We have just returned to the United States after being station in Japan for 4 years and then Italy for 3.  This has been a tough move and is taking a lot of adjustments for us all.  The boys and I had to go to my husband's new assignment wo him while he was in school for 6 months.  (he just returned this week)  Now that we are in the states, the price of child care /preschool in my area is extremely high so of course was unaffordable wo me working.   This was a huge catch 22! 

I found an amazing company that has allowed me to work from home while being available for my boys!  I knew there were so many work at home scams out there and so of course was very skeptical in the beginning.  I did tons of research and finally made the best decision I could have, I am now an Independent Business Owner. I really hope that I can help other mom's learn about this legit opportunity.  It really is the best of both worlds! 
Spenwell Spenwell
May 24, 2012