How Is It Justified?

Okay people are going to hate me of what I have to say..but I am tired of hearing women said " oh I dedicate to my children by being a stay at home mom".

Do you know there are a lot women out there working their *** off in order to provide for their family and children? They are both a great mom and a preofessional in their field. The struggles they go through are crazy but they make it work somehow. I dont believe children will grow up any better whether their moms are staying home mom or working mom.

For me, staying home mom is an excuse to shun away from reality of working world, so stop complaining. Only when you are financially independent, you will be an independent individual! Get a dream!
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Sorry you feel this way. I was a working mom and now a stay at home mom. Love staying hoime so much more than having to juggle both. Each mom has their own choice. no need to critizize their choices. being hom eiwth kids all day is hard. They are messy and dont clean up leaving us to do it. We are their everything. Noone else is influencing them. And as a product of a single parent home, I wish my mom could dedicate herself to us the way I am doing for my kids. She worked crazy hard to give us everything we wanted, but materialism didn't serve any purpose except to keep us quiet and busy. My poor mom worked super duper long and did everything she could for us but unfortunately she couldnt be there when we needed her emotionally and I messed up alot becaused of lack of guidance. <br />
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To each their own. Judgement gets you nowhere.

I think that one parent at least should be home be it Mum or Dad as children need the home life.trouble is we live in a society that deems any adult not working a non person but if you actually look at the jobs a stay at home parent does then put a price on it it would work out very expensive.well to name a few,carer,cook. cleaner,laundry assistant,chamber driver,gardener to mention a few.Talking to my Dad as a teenager and he told me he got tax allowance for him,my Mum who didn't work and children now its tax credits.that don't come near what he got in allowances.Children were better behaved when a parent at home to supervise them!

Working moms get their kids cared for by day cares, family, friends, or a nanny. Sorry you think money is more important then your child. Sorry working moms miss their kids mile stones because they aren't home. A working mom can be a good mother but they don't do it alone. And it comes at a cost

Working moms do have external help, but it doesn't mean they miss all the important moments in child's life. They may spend less time but it doesnt mean the time spent is less quality. I, however, often find children who grow up with a staying home mom have poorer social skills and less adaptable in changing environment.

I never compare money with children but I do believe everyone must have a means to support themselves in the society. Also a personal goal and aspiration are important.

A stay at home moms goal is to raise her child. And where do you live that children around their mom don't have social skills? In fact all the kids with a stay at home parent that I know are strong and smart kids that never get in trouble or cause issues. And I am totally okay without the extra money because nothing means more to me then being by my childs side. Being a stay at home parent means putting yourself aside to do what your kids need most. It is the best and hardest job in the world to be a stay at home mom.

Thank you.