I am at home with two children all day long.  I feel guilty when I am not here and out having fun but when I am here and miserable I feel guilty because I dont want to be here.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I have been alone with these children for four days by myself and it isnt getting any better.

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I can relate to that, too. It is overwhelming. The older two argue, whine, fight, throw things, make messes. The younger one just makes messes. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed I feel paralyzed and don't know what to do.

Hello im a stay at home thats is going ro school online wirh a two year old thats is wonderful but he steams to get into everything and cry alot somerimes if hes not breaking or climbing or doing something. I cant even sjower withour somerhing foinf wrong im at home wirh child everyday myself wirh knowbody to help not even dor a five min break.im so lost and i dnt want ro spank im afraid thats not thw way to go to because he is just a 2yr old but i need and want somebody ro talk with and share im loosing my mind here help........

I can totally relate. Check out my I'm a Stay at home experience/group.. titled Loosing A Part of me!!!!

I feel you completely! You HAVE to make time for YOU. It's so easy to lose yourself in your family. I know this because I did. Just think, your oldest will be going to school soon and that will give you something to do. My 5 yr will be going to K this coming school year and I've decided that I'll volunteer. I also have made goals for myself. Present and future. I used to be fit and ran, now I don't. BUT for the first time in years the other day I went out and ran. Maybe you can find a mom's group around your area. I have a group but I only like a couple of them. I know women can be catty, especially when they have no friggin clue what you're going through. I used to be a doormat and never knew how to say no. You have to know how to say NO. <br />

I am with my little ones 24/7 with no husband untill6 months from now and I just found out that it might be 4 more weeks alone. I do love them but sometimes I want to duck tape them together and stick them in the closet for about at least 60 minutes but then I feel guilty for thinking that so I just sit down and count the hours until they go to bed. Then a pour a bottle of wine and sit on the couch and watch mommy tv

Believe me I understand you and I even work 4 days a week for my own sanity so I don't have to talk to the walls. Lols

No, of course not. Everyone else just adores being with short people of limited intelligence all the time...it's just you.<br />
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We all feel the same sometimes. I love my kids. I love being a mom, and a housewife. I love taking care of my family. I also feel guilty when I'm not here, because I think no one can take care of them like I can, and because I think they are growing up so fast, that I'll regret every second I don't spend with them. It's a rough job, worse than any I have ever had, because it's never over. It never stops...I think in the end though, I wouldn't change it.