Life Changing Experience

If you look at the groups that i belong to here on EP, you can come up with a summary of who iam , where i am coming from and might even have a clue of me having financial problems.

Well, a short time ago i took an online work from home opportunity because i needed to try it- that was my last option. I want to tell you the truth, I am not earning like a million or what. But this thing has changed my life.

My son turned 6 on the 10th of June- this time i threw him a birthday party. This might not be something perculiar to you,but to him it really is. He had never had one before.The money i am making a day for someone like me is completely satisfactory, i do not make not less than 95$ a day and the maximum is unbelievable. I know this might not be a permanent thing, but at least it has helped my family and I a lot. We are looking forward to buying our first car next month.

Please feel free to add me as a friend and ask about this work from home opportunity. But its not for lazy people... NOTE: If you expect to get rich quick, or think you can sit around in your underwear with your feet up doing nothing but waiting to count your money without putting forth any effort......then this is most likely NOT FOR YOU!)

Take care!!!
hayley12 hayley12
26-30, F
Jun 26, 2012