Going Crazy I Think

I feel like this stay at home mom thing is getting to be too much. I love to be with my daughter, but I need a break from her. I have seriously only had one night away from her in the past year. I feel horrible saying or typing that out loud. She is honestly the greatest one year old. I just think I am really going insane from being cooped up in the house all the time. I really don't have friends, unless you count Steve from Blue's Clue's. Lol, I talk to him a lot. j/k.  I am really grateful that I am able to stay home with her and for the life my hubby provides. But, I feel like I am smothering inside my own house. 

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5 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I totally understand that feeling. We moms must have some time to ourselves, and a support system. My husband has been pretty good about letting me get out now and then when I ask him. I feel guilty asking too much though! A great support has been the moms groups that I have joined. You can find them on www.meetup.com sometimes. I also am in one called MOMS Club and there may be a chapter in your town as they are part of an international org. I've met some great ladies through these groups. Currently I am in one through my church that has really been a blessing. We meet once a week for 2 hours and childcare is provided. It is a refreshing break I look forward to every week.

Get out and go to the park, go drive around. Its called cabin fever, and it can cause depression. You need to get out in the world a little, some sunshine really helps

I completely understand what you are going through. My daughter is almost three and will be going to school two days a week and then in September she is going to headstart all day. I am so looking forward to that. Hang in there. Well, my daughter was born three months premature, she stayed in the hospital until 2 weeks before her actual due date, so about 2 1/2 months. My husband and I live in a very small town and the only real friend I did have has moved to Tulsa. So here I am stuck not just in the house, but with my shadow day in and day out. Even at night when I put her down for bed, if she wakes up my husband calls me in the room to put her back to sleep because she's disturbing his sleep. I take her to the movies and different places, but it's nothing like being able to go somewhere without having to haul change of clothes, extra pull ups wipes extra entertainment and all these other things. I miss being able to just get up and go. I am even hindered by the functions I can do at church because my husband doesn't want me to leave her with anyone. I was just at my mother's house and I felt so free because my husband wasn't there and after the first day my daughter was once again comfortable enough to stay with her Granny and I could go a few places alone, but I never stayed for long so she wouldn't freak out but it felt so good and even writing that I feel a little guilty but moms need time too

I stayed at home with my two toddlers for almost a year and though it is good for them it can be very frustrating for both of you. I was luck enough to have my mother in-law take them for a couple weeks a year. You should have somebody relieve you of you parenting duties every now and then it will do you both some good. Also if they don't get used to being without mommy or daddy every now and then they can go through some pretty serious separation anxiety when they get older and have to go to school. And it can be pretty frustrating when they come back from grandma's house of spoiling, but it only takes a few days to adjust to the rules at home again. So if you can I would take a short kid-free vacation.

I understand completely. I am a stay at home mom also, but I work from home also. Being a stay at home mom is definately rewarding, you don't have a day care raising your child, but it is definately lonely. I have no friends either, and sometimes I feel like I am going insane. Try to join a Mommy and Baby group in your area, you might find some friends, I think I need to listen to my own advise. But, I do take her to a park where there are other moms and little kids around, it gives me the break I need sometimes.