At Home

I've been a stay-at-home mom for about 6 years. I started staying home for my first born. I was going to college and working when I got pregnant.  My mom didn't want me to stop going to school so she said she would help me with the baby. She started to get sick when my son was about 4 months old. I stopped going to college and working so I could take care of my son. I haven't worked out of my house or gone back to school since. I don't have many friends. I've moved away from home and I still don't know many people where I live now. My neighbor moved away after a divorce and my only other friend moved 2hrs away from me. I've tried to keep myself busy so I won't go crazy. I read, I taught myself to knit and I try to scrapbook sometimes. My husband bought me a fancy shmancy printer and a circut cutter thingy so I can have something to do. I still feel bored and frustrated. Being busy doesn't mean you don't get bored. I have tons of things to do all day long, three kids, a dog and a huband to take care of yet I fell bored. I need to challenge myself...that's why I taught myself to knit. The plan now is for my husband to get out of the Army and be a stay-at-home dad for a while so I can return to school. He'll be getting a medical discharge soon. Our two oldest are in school all day so he'll just have to watch our baby. He says he's up for it, we'll see. I make this look He'll be begging for road marches before he knows it.  

Queen82 Queen82
26-30, F
Mar 6, 2009