I Hate The Step Mom Title. Sad And Hard To Admit To Otherz Who Don't Understand My Heart Itz True.

HEY, I KNOW ..... YOU CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS MY HEADING RIGHT? BUT ITZ TRUE I HATE THAT LABEL, OR EVEN THAT WORD "STEP" , or "STEP KIDS" or "STEP MOM"or.... "THE OTHER WOMAN"or even ~ "OH... HER?'' Some people can be sooo insensitive to our role in the family. Like we are less important just because we aren't the biological mom. As if we don't care for all our kids the same! What is the freekin problem? I feel that a step mother should be acknowledged for their role in being a step Mother it is NOT an easy job. I have 2 wonderful step kids one girl10, and one boy 7. I also have a birth son age 4. I LOVE MY KIDS WITH EVERYTHING IN ME. THEY ARE WHAT COMPLETES ME, AND MAKES ME HAPPY. It's a shame that their real mother is a psyco/ druggy. She has no morals, no values, and no compassion for her children what so ever she makes me sick! The things she has done to these kids should be known she needs to go to jail for what she has done to them. Itz CRAZY how the freekin court system works they are full of crap! They give us like an 80 yr. old judge who isn't even aware of his own surroundings. JUDGES TODAY JUST WANT A QUICK BUCK, AND TO GET HOME BEFORE DINNER. IF IT WAS THEIR KIDS I'M SURE THEY WOULD DO BETTER. The lawyers aren't that good either same thing....ALL I GOTTA SAY TO THAT IS... " KARMAS A B!T@#" IM SO TIRED OF PEEPL TREATING US LIKE WERE THE BAD GUYZ WHEN REALLY WE ARE A PART OF THE FAMILY TOO. I LUV MY STEP KIDS SOOO MUCH AS IF THEY WERE BORN FROM MY WOMB. AND THATZ THE REAL DEAL. AND DAMN!!! ANYONE WHO TRIES TO KILL THAT! ~Mrs.Rose
mrsrose mrsrose
22-25, F
Jul 30, 2010