Never Thought I Would Be

Last year if someone was to tell me that I would get married and be a step mom I would've laughed in their face. But I'm married now and a step mom to two beautiful little girls named Anna and Courtney. The first time I got to meet them was in June before me and my husband got married. I met just about everyone in his famliy but them. I was really nervous meeting them cause they was the ones I was really going to have to impress because they was the important people in his life. They came to my house with him after I got off of work. And when I first saw them they was the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen. They had beautiful blond hair and blue eyes which they got from their dad. They was a little quite and shy at first and well I am too so this was really interesting lol. But I'll have to say they really behaved well unlike some kids I know. They got to talking a little more and things began to get a little easier with them and they finally opened up. Anna which at the time was six years old was the wired one lol. Courtney at the time was five, she was wired a little too but not near as bad as Anna. Courtney's a little quite but not too bad. We went to a near by motel where some of his family was at. We had a cookout and they all went outside and left me in there with the kids so I could get to know them better. I'm the type of person I don't care to get down and play with kids if it's playing blocks, coloring, playing with dolls or whatever. So we played games and played house. We had a really good time. Then later on that evening before dark we went outside. We walked around chased lightning bugs and I had to spin them around several times to the point it made me very dizzy alot. Not much of Courtney as much as it was Anna looked at me and said that they wished I was their real mom. I couldn't really say anything, I didn't know what to say I just looked at them both. They both said their mom was mean. And I think she was verbally mean to them, her and their step dad both was. They even told my husband and his mom later on that they wished I was their real mom and that I was really nice to them. I got to talk to them both on Christmas and Anna said she really missed us and she wanted to see us again. They live all the way in Flordia with their mom. Sometimes me and my husband will send them things like birthday gifts, school clothes and Christmas gifts to them. I know there will me a day coming I think they'll both come live with us especially Anna cause the whole entire time she was down here she stuck by me like glue. But I know when the day does come I know I can give them both a really good home they need and deserve.
tngurl25 tngurl25
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013