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I am glad I found this site because possibly others here may understand.I have 2 step children, and 3 of my own. They are all adults.My Step son was in prison for 7 yrs. He was released in August.I spent approximately $5,000 helping him re establish. A place to live with the first 2 months paid.A car,clothes,shoes,car insurance,tags, cell phone, just to name a few.He was able to find a job right away, fortunately. he was to start paying back immediately.Well here it is Mid January and he has paid back a whopping $520.00.Here's the kicker, he has borrowed another $550.00. What am I supposed to do. My husband and I are fighting constantly now. His daughter is going through a divorce and she's borrowed $2,300. My husband has filed for disability but hasn't recieved anything yet.I work for the Parks Dept.(for along time)but only earn about $40,000.The only way I have this money is my retirement savings. My husband tells me that his son can only pay me back at the rate he is because he only makes $10.00 an hour but he works alot of overtime, so he could. He won't cut corners though as he thinks he is ENTITLED to the best of everything. This is the first job he's had, even before prison, other than 6 months at Burger King and he's 33years old. What do you think I should do? My husband keeps promising that this is the last time.I said no to $30.00 last week and he threw a fit and hung up on his Dad after he said "you just don't want me to be happy" My husband is made to feel guilty because he worked 50+ hours while he was growing up and his Mom was just a drunk, and still is.She lives off of us (the tax payers) as getting a job would cut into her drinking time. I am afraid this Step son will be the death of my marriage.This is not what I want. I did loan my daughter $2,000 recently, but I know the minute she gets her income tax she's coming here with my money.I have loaned her money before and she's right on time with it. Please folks any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!!! Kim
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Stop giving the kids money and let them learn to be self reliant or else they will see you as a piggy bank!!