My Step Mom Experience

I am 25 years old who happens to be a step mother, my boyfriends daughter. I had gotten her about a month or two after her dad and I were more involved with each other. I love her to death and woudn't trade it for the world. Both; her father and I, are full time college students and he works during the week. There are times when she can be a pain in the butt, but all kids are. I am also a "mom" to my 14 year old sister. I have been raising her since she was just a baby--I happend to be in elementary school. Granted, it was VERY hard at first, but I had gotten used to it. I managed to do home work and take care of my siblings very well because my parents were never around. The only free time I had gotten was when I was at school for "recess" where was able to go outside and be a kid. I am not asking for sympothy nor do I need it. I tell others that I do not look for it nor do I expect it because I am happy for the decision I had made. After rasing my siblings for many years, it has become one of the most important life long lessons that I have learned (with a lot of struggle) that I will apply when I have a child of my own. It has become very hard to still raise my sister as my child as well as a step mother to my boyfriends 15 year old daughter. The reason I say this is because there have been times when both girls come to me and complain what the other has done. I just simply tell them to try and work it out without having the adults around and if phsyciall fighting or profanity going on, then I will step in. It has not worked yet, but I am giving it more time before I have to step in and say "Enough is enough. I think the two of you need to be seperated for a while until you two can calm down".  

Spinderella Spinderella
Feb 23, 2009