I To Am A Step Mom

 I am glad that I found this here, I to am a step Mom, and yes, struggles, oh yes!! I am a step Mom to 2 teenagers whom not had a mother in  their lives for several years, or no female interaction in a parental way, it has been just Dad for many years. The oldest was so used to having Dad to him self, when I moved in he became pissed off Dad is spending time with GF all the time, he started doing things to break us up, create trouble, he has settled down now, but I have had my share of struggles. I feel like I am just the wife to Dad, and that is it. I am always told, they are not your kids when situations come up, let Dad deal with it, it is a hard blance! 

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Yes, it is a challenge!<br />
<br />
4 Stepkids<br />
<br />
2 teenagers that was there.<br />
Is it take more than love? Yes.<br />
<br />
Coming from another country and getting into a different mentality is also a challenge that I had to get use to.<br />
<br />
They were jealous for sure. Didn't really accepted to see me with their dad.<br />
All the actions, lies, and cold shoulders they did to try to broke us appart. You can't even imagine.<br />
<br />
You have to stay strong.<br />
You are in love with the man. The kids come with the package.<br />
The good thing is... And the bad thing is ... you are not the parent.<br />
The worse part is to accept that fact. <br />
Even if you give all your heart and love to the kids.<br />
Just think about the love that you share, and all the beautiful moment. <br />
All the rest worth it.<br />
<br />
Good luck.

As a child of divorce all I wanted was to be accepted and peace and also talking and having a step mom that takes interest in me for instance activities or teach me things I have never done before. Maybe you can find some common ground it won't be easy but listen and be compassionate hopefully they will come around.