Soon To Be A Stepmom

My bestfriend and I are in love. We have been a great together we laugh, joke, tell each other things when things are on our minds, sometimes we can make a face & we know what the other is actually thinking. The thing is he has kids and him & his baby mama are working out the custody situation. We have already started making plans on getting married. We want to be married before we move in. I just hope his children can accept me and understand that I will give them love as well. I love children I will soon be going to school for teaching. I just want things go well. I also realize that once him & I are husband & wife that will make me a step mom.

I want to know what is it like being a stepmom and what should his children call me. I really want to be a good wife as well as a stepmom. I know there are some experience stepmoms out there so please can you give me a little advice?! Thanx.
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Sorry. It should say "do not want his kids calling me mom". Can't figure out how to edit that.

Well I'm not an official step mon yet; however, I am curious to the responses you get about what to have them call you. We are getting married soon and I do my want the kids to call me mom. Their mom is alive and well. They can continue to call me by my first name. She has then call their step dad daddy...(his first name) I feel that this inappropriate. As well his grandchildren will not call me grandma.