What Do They Call You?

Another post brought up an interesting question. What do your stepkids (to be) call you? Will that change when you get married? I do not want mine to call me mom. Or step mom. They have called me by my first name (and a few other choice adjectives) since day one. And I see no reason for that to change. Their mom is alive and well (ugh) and being a mom/dad is something unreplaceable so to say I am "their other mom" just doesn't work for me. I feel the same about the grandchildren.I am not grandma.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I've told my step daughter from day one to call me what she wants. She mainly calls me my name, but she 'slips up' and calls me mommy/mom a few times every time we get her. Most the time I ignore the slip and move on like nothing happen. I will not force her to call me mommy, but I will not force her not to either