This Weekend

We have the child again this weekend. I'm very nervous, anxious, resentful, worried but happy. I'm glad to see him bc I do love him but sometimes I resent his intrusion into my neat little life / schedule. Not that my life is all that neat...but I still feel intruded upon.  Happy because my bf gets to see his kid & that always makes him happy. What parent wouldn't be happy. I'm a terrible person. Seriously... I wish I didn't feel like this. It's not constant. I need to work on it. I wish I could tolerate it better. SIGH
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Rest assured you are not the only one who feels that way. I'm getting married in 7 weeks but my fiances son has lived with us ofr almost a year. Sometime I miss the freedom to go off on a weekend trip w/o notice or wish I could be intimate with my fiance w/o the fear of intrusion. But know that the more time you spend with your step child to be the easier things will become. You will so find out how to incorporate the child into your and your bf's life w/o it feeling like an intrusion.

Being a stepmom is hard. give yourself time to get used to it.