After spending an hour or so reading some of the posts...i feel  compelled to write my own. Mine is almost 12 and is the spawn of Satan. Im not even gonna go into that too much, i wanted to comment on all those irritating people who feel they have any right to judge, pass comment, and generally 'stick their oar in'. I imagine most of those rather ignorant people dont even HAVE step kids. NO ONE could possibly understand the unbelievable strain a 'little person' can put on another human being, UNLESS THEY HAVE WALKED IN OUR SHOES. 
Its the same as most of you!! I swear i think they taught her how to be the 'queen of manipulation' in pre school. My husband sees what she does but i've had enough and after three and a half years i'm not prepared to 'hold out the olive branch' anymore. I DON'T WANT to be her friend anymore. I dont want anything from her. And i can honestly say that is truly how i feel.
She has this wonderful way of walking around the house with this sad face making it look as though I'm being a spiteful vindictive cow, when in actual fact...shes trying to play us all like a fiddle!! Trouble hard as i try not to...i feel this unbelievable amount of resentment towards her. And its spilling out into my relationship with her dad. I dont underdstand where all this has come from? I'm not sure if i love HIM enough to stick around? I couldnt imagine life without him, but the thought of having to endure another 'god knows how many years' with this little witch fills me with dread.
As sson as things go back to some form of 'normality' and i forgive her for whatver tiis she might have done, within two weeks or so she reverts right back to being a complete little sod again. And shes done sooooo many wicked things. Shes told the school ive abused her, phoned childline and said the same (I havent at all) Stabbed kids with pencils, locked them in cupboards,shes a thief, she's a compulsive liar. And i mean lies ABOUT EVERYTHING. Told her father she wants me to leave, to me she wishes i wasnt around and that it would be so much better if i was never here and it was just her and her dad.!! 
When i read this back to myself i think to myself....'what the hell are you doing woman!!!!'...... 'why am i still here??'......Same as all of us on this site i guess....we love our partners..........xx
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Leave!!! Life is too short and no one deserves to feel that way!!! There are plenty of childless men in the sea!!!

I am a step mother so I can sympathize but I have found that the problem in my case is the child is only parroting what she has heard from her mother good luck

I so feel what you are going through I have the same problem, the trouble is she has a way of looking like the perfect child and has many times made me look like the idiot like I am a bad mother she is 12 years old also and constantly tells me how I should be parenting my other children. She hates that I am with her dad and wants him to herself. i am fortunate that my husband and several health professionals see the same as I do but I really want her not to live with us anymore I am stressed to the max and am not sure what to do! When she is with the other parent every other weekend our house is bliss, no arguments and lots of laughter. I love my husband but not sure how long I can continue with this!

I admire your strength and conviction in such a difficult situation. I was the stepmom to 3 girls who used every chance they could to break my relationship with thier father. Sadly he believed every word they said and ended up breaking it off with me to go back to his ex wife. In an ironic twist it didnt work for a 2nd time and he left her again, during thier "attempt at a 2nd try" the girls and I became quite close. Dare I say even friends!! Although me and thier father have gone through a few "lets give it another shots" since then, it has not changed my friendship with the girls. The oldest told me when she was pregnant before anyone else! I am proud to say that even though me and thier father didnt work out I remain close with girls still. <br />
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never give up hope!