This Is My Story On How I Became A Step Mother.

My Mother met my father at a party and my dad moved in with her the next day, now 40 years later they are going strong.
I am 24 years old. I am recently divorced. I am living with a man i've known for 8 years. When we got together he told me he was a packaged deal. it was him and his three year old son. We told each other it was all in or nothing and Travis my SO and his son moved in the NEXT day. I had no time to prepare for a 3 year old son. But everyday it gets easier.
My son doesn't have a mother, at least not his biological mother. She picked drugs over her son and her husband. matter of fact she left her 3 mth old son in his crib, in her apartment and went 4 buildings over to sleep with a man for her next fix. So her husband took his son and left her. now the boy is 3 has never had a mother figure in his life until i came along. I've always wanted a family. I thought that i'd have children of my own. Not a step child that means more to me than my own life.
Its been one month, i wake up everyday to mommy mommy wake up! I couldn't ask for a better life. Travis (my SO) has given me everything i've always wanted! We do plan on getting married. Once his divorce is final. But we are not rushing it at all.

Now when it comes to my step son he does have behavior problems. I've been told to get him into head start so i'm in the process of that! He will throw his self down and freak out if you tell him no. His dad has said the B word in front of him and he'll sometimes call me it when he doesn't like what i have to say. or what i tell him to do. Sometimes he won't listen to me and i have to get dad after him. but thats normal for children right? Sometimes they just don't listen.

Its a new adventure for me. I take being a step mother seriously. I read him bedtime stories, i read him nap time stories. I make a tent and we play in the tent. I make sure he knows he has a mother, and that i'm not going anywhere!

I've started writing a journal for my son. So later on in life, he can look back and read it and see what happened back then and that mommy really did love him and mommy really was and is there for him!
I love my step son. and i love his father too. I couldn't have asked for a better deal. I'm lovin' the package deal! All in or nothing! thats what we said and we meant it.
I'll post more, i'm hoping i can meet other step mothers so we can chat and compare everything.
TarashaHale TarashaHale
22-25, F
Mar 27, 2012