My Boyfriend's Ex Is A Nightmare.

I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years and he has a 3 1/2 year old son. I've never had a problem with his son if anything I care a lot for him. It's just unfortunate that his mother is an immature, awkward woman. My boyfriend took her to court to gain access to his child and even forced parental rights on her as she refused point blank to name him on the birth certificate when their son was born. His ex girlfriend refuses to meet me yet tells her son that I'm a liar and has even accused me of hitting their son in a lawyers letter which was thankfully ignored! My boyfriend and I never argue unless it's about his ex and were now at the stage where we want to get married and start our own family but I feel I can't with her sniffing about in the background. She refuses to speak to my ex unless it's to accuse us of failing to take care of her son (she's never been present during contact -she even refuses to collect her son from our house). Is there any way I can get on with my life with my boyfriend?
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Omg I'm the same situation! My husbands ex is a nut job.

Thank you for replying. Yeah you're right. I've tried to treat this as his problem and that I shouldn't have anything to do with it yet my partner looks to me for advice - usually the advice is not what he would like to hear. I feel a bit like a third wheel in my own relationship at times. Does it get easier? X

i have 2 step kids and their mother is a complete horror! so i understand. we used to fight about her all the time. she would always tell the kids things about me that were of course not true...she wont even talk to me unless she HAS to. The thing is..from where i stand anyway.. it might not be the same for you. Ive had to come to the conclusion that she is not my problem. she is HIS ex and he is the one that has to talk to her. he of course lets her know that saying things to the kids about me that arent true is only hurting the kids more and that I am a good rolemodel for them to be around. I just let it roll off my back because I know that the kids care about me as i do them, and I know when they get older they will see that their mom was just hurting and Im not the bad person. That she was lying to them and she was bad talking their step mom. Just be their the best you can for him, let him know you care for his son and him but you dont need to be the one dealing with her or the courst. i think she might back off a little too, maybe she wont feel so threatened?