I am so glad I found a group of other stepmothers out there. I am the only person in my family that has been a stepmom so no one understands. I love my stepkids. I really do but lately things have gotten insane. My biggest problem is their mother. I'm not just saying that because she is my fiancee's ex. I really did try to like her. I figured there are two sides to every story. At first she was very nice but then her true colors started to show. I have been around for almost two years and I was not the one that broke them up but she is acting like I did it. I didn't meet Ed until after she had already left him for another man the year before. I am just an my wits end and after today's episode I just don't know that dealing with her is worth it. I love my fiancee and I want us to be together for always but how much of her can I really take?

Today I was supposed to take my ten year old stepdaughter to the orthodontist. I told her mom that I had made the appointment and that she was more then welcome to come. My fiancee is the one that has the insurance on the kids and we are going to be the ones paying for her braces. Well I was supposed to get my stepson at 8:30 and take him to my mother-in-law's house so he wouldn't have to sit through the appointment. The ex refused to answer the text messages or phone calls from me and my fiancee and I ended up having to cancel the appointment. She called and started cussing at me saying I gave her the wrong time. She told my fiancee that I was a liar and I wasn't fit to take care of the kids when he is not home. First, I never lied. I told her the correct appointment time and if she had actually answered a text message she would have known the right time. Second, I take wonderful care of those children. She finally calmed down and admitted I'm great at taking care of the kids. This woman's goal is to make Ed and I miserable and she's using the kids to do it. Any advice?
JennieLane JennieLane 26-30 Jul 25, 2012

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