I Was A Stepmom And The Exwife Was A Jeaulous,bitter And Emotional Bullie

How can an ex-wife get away to splitting up a relationship by using the kids,by badmouth their father saying is a bad father that is never there,that he puts is girlfriend before them,when it's all lies,as she is clearly,can't stand that he has moved on with is life while she alone with no relationship,and is always jealous when we went in holidays,etc and use the kids and turned them against the stepparent,,can't they see it's child abuse,emotional she is screwing this kids feelings they have two parents !
How can she and the kids get away it saying if you in a relationship with her we will not want to come and stay it you!
Emotional blackmail ,she is the most frustrating ex-wife that use the excuse" I just want the father of my kids to be there for them" when he clearly is ,but she makes him fell very guilty...
Send me this woman to Rehab to teach her not yo badmouth the other parent because your hurting your kid and being very selfish... Why they make our ,life's more difficult! :(
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I totally understand how you feel. My stepsons are 4 & 6, but they have recently turned against me in a very bad way. Its all because if their bio mom. She found out that her ex and I were engaged. She is in a relationship and had been since before her and my now fiancé went their separate ways, but she is unhappy and didn't want my fiancé to be happy either. Before this last incident my stepsona and I had a pretty good relationship, but now there is a lot of tension between us.

I don't have any answers for you but just know that this and its just something you have to work through...just don't let her see you are affected by her jealousy.

My husband's baby momma does the same thing! She's told everyone that he has never paid child support and he abandoned her blah blah blah. Finally, everyone has seen the truth and all of their mutual friends have turned on her bc of her lies. She uses her daughter as a pawn and poor little girl is really feeling the pressure. She's not allowed to show me any affection though I can tell she wants to. She's never drawn a picture with me in it. She's conflicted and it's obvious. She never knows what she can and can't do when we pick her up from her mother's. It should be considered emotional abuse by a court bc that's exactly what it is. We never speak ill of her mother and try to allow her to just be a kid at our house and so far that's made a difference in her demeanor here. I just wish we could get full custody to let her be free of her oppressive mother. The biggest part of being a mother or stepmother is putting the child's well-being above your own and her mother doesn't have that ability.