How Did This Happen ?

my husband and i met at a spouse grief grop and also took our own children from our first marriages...ok we all went thru all the grief stuff took hus 8 yrs to marry me. i raised his three sons from around 8 yrs old did everything for them.hus threw my daughtr out andnver talke to her again although she needed a dad as his kids needed a mom .to mke a long story short ,hus and kids dont acknowledge me or anything i did for all of them .never athank you ! my hus said i did n othing for them.. i always drove a brand new car now i drive a$300.00 car my daughtr bot me. while hus bot his sonsexpnsie cars... lost my beautiul home i suburbs ,i know what ur thiking but im trapped mony inurance etc married 5 yr. 10 tr t ge ay of his benifts ! what to do ?
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

help !!