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Being A Stepmum Is So Challenging.

I moved in with my partner 2 yrs ago. Both his children were with the mum until March 2012.The 15 year old son moved in. At first it was great and we got on well. He did what I asked of him,and I helped him with his homework, he helped me with dishes blah blah...then...
crash...the back chat started after a month, ...he laughed when I asked him to help me with the dishes, he gets me to take him here there and everywhere, homework came to a halt..should I say more? Now.. he does nothing.Where did I go wrong?
angel1stepmum angel1stepmum 36-40, F 4 Responses Nov 5, 2012

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Hopping that everything become back to normal and you have the care of a splendid family

Not your fault, his dad needs to step in.

It's our place as stepmums to be 'in the wrong' even when we're not. No one wants a stepmum. Started out ok for me with stepdaughter but soon went downhill once she realised I was here for good. The problem is that the BM backs her up. 15 is one of the most difficult ages its true and isnt it just perfect having a stepmum to take it out on? you are neither mum nor dad, you dont matter to them so they do whats easiest.

I've never given into anything I set as a rule..not since the first few times anyway..because he plays on it. The more I give the more he I get on the internet for ten minutes?..I need to check who's playing soccer on Thursday?..half an hour later..time for your homework off the computer...(me)...I don't have any...(15 yr old)...well go over your times tables...(me)...I already know them..(15 yr old)....whats 9x8...complete silence....I switch the internet off...
Now when he says, can I go on the internet?...I reply, only when the lounge is spotless. No glasses, plates, shoes, socks on the floor. He is learning the hard way but we have a long way to go...
Thanks for your reply x