What Would You Do? Need Advice Asap !!!!

I have a 16 year old stepson. He plays jv football. The varsity team asked him to be varsity as they were in the playoffs. He hasn't played in any games. He has missed a few practices and has missed sessions where they need to watch film for a game. Football isn't his passion. I have attended as many games as I could this year( I work 12 hour days). Throughout his life I have been supportive of him- more so than his bio mother. She won't go to his games unless its the last one of the season. The team has made it to the championship,which is great. We have had tickets to an important college game for months that I have been looking forward to soo much. As luck would have it, my stepsons championship game is scheduled the same time!!! I don't want to miss the college game, and I don't want to go to the stepsons game to just watch him stand on the sidelines and not play. I feel that I should be able to go to the college game. Stepson will have both sets of grandparents and his father there. Am I a jerk for wanting this one thing?!?! By no means am I selfish- I put the needs of my husband and his son before mine
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1 Response Nov 18, 2012

No, you should not feel guilty for going to the college football game.
His father and his grandparents will be there to support him.
Just go to your event, have fun, and be guilt free.