Selfish Birth Mother Who Doesn't Want To Spend Weekends With Her Child!

Hey guys

I've been living with my boyfriend for 15 months. He has a 5 year old son who lives with his mum and elder brother (from a different dad).

For the last 15 months the little one has stayed with us every other weekend Friday to Sunday and seen my boyfriend each Saturday in between except for 4 weekends when we rearranged contact to have some time away by ourselves. Each time we told mum we'd made these plans she lost her temper and was unreasonable!

We have also had an extra 14 days where we've taken time off work to spend time with the little one and take him on holiday. Most recently we had 11 days off work over Christmas and had the little one for 9 of those days!

Mum recently told my boyfriend that we are not to make plans for any of the times that we are supposed to see the little one, meaning we can't go away for weekends! We both work full-time and if we continue at this rate we're not going to get any 'us' time before we have a child of our own.

In addition to this the little one has recently started realising that he's missing out on the fun things his mum and elder brother do at weekends when he's not with them and has started sulking and misbehaving when he is with us as well as constantly asking to go home to his mum. He also has accidents during the night.

We have suggested we change contact so that we only have Friday to Sunday on alternate weekends and don't see him on the Saturday day times, giving the little one every other weekend with his mum and brother in the hope that this makes him more settled and balanced but she has refused.

Not only is she trying to control our lives but she is also not paying any attention to her own child's needs.

I work in the legal profession and know that I can get one of my solicitor contacts to write her a letter but I can't believe how any mother would refuse to spend more time with her child when he clearly needs to see more of her!!!
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Jan 9, 2013