Well over three years ago I met my husband and we married very quickly as we were magically in love. I met his three daughters and loved them instantly, even more than I loved my husband maybe! What I didn't know is that the phase where the biomom hates your face is more than just a phase, it's a life time of hell! Every time I have done something with or for her children I am scolded. I was told to back off for years. Finally we gave up joint custody just to avoid her and she still calls and texts trying to get us to accommodate her. Because we don't take the girls when she works we don't see them enough, then we ask to have them and we are disrupting her life. It's a no win situation. I now have a daughter with my husband and if I didn't I would have left him a long time ago just to have her out of my life. Now my little girl has a very hard time when her sisters leave to their moms but I can't do anything about it. I want to have another child but I'm afraid my marriage will not survive through this blended family stuff. I have so many regrets but can't turn back time. I feel so trapped. I wish we had my step daughters full time so we can all be together without dealing with her! This sucks! FML!!!
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I know exactly how you feel. If I could have my step daughter full time with my husband and I and her mom just happened to fall off the face of the earth I would be perfectly happy.

But I know that happy feeling wouldn't last for long because sooner or later my step daughter would start asking about mommy and daddy (her step dad) and if she never saw them again it would hurt her. I try to keep that in mind when dealing with her mother. The fact that if my step daughter would lose her mother it would hurt her and in turn hurt my husband and I.

Does thinking that way make it all better? No, but it does help sometimes.

That's why the Brady Bunch sucks. Gives people this unrealistic expectation that blended families are all unicorns and rainbows. I feel sorry for you.