I Am the Other Mom

I am trying hard to find someone in my families situation. My hubby and I are not step parents. We are not even legal guardians but we do have a teen living with us that is not ours. We do have 2 teens of our own.

The new teen has been living with us for a little over a month. Her mom had to move to another part of town and she wanted her daughter to be able to continue school where she is at.

So I am not sure what kind of group we really fit into. All I know is that I have all the responsibility and no rights and to me from what I have heard that is the definition of a stepparent. So here I am.

I really really need to connect with someone that can relate, maybe offer suggestions, advice and/or just lend an ear.

This whole situation is difficult for me. She is my sons girlfriend and yes they have seperate rooms. I think she is getting tired of him, they have been dating over a year. They are only 15. If she did not live here I would not see the signs - but she does and I have. I can not just sit back and let things happen when I see things that should be making him say "hey, wait a minute".

Of course there are other things that have me wondering if I can handle this or not. Like dealing with her mom etc....

Please, if anyone here is in a situation anywhere near what I am going through let me know. I would love to chat or email. Just got on this board so I don't even know if you can chat here.


theothermom theothermom
Mar 9, 2009