Why Am I to Blame

I have been married to my husband 10 yrs we have 4 children total i have 2 and he has 2. I had a pretty good relationship with my step children i thought until may 24th . My step daughter tried to commit suicide she left a note saying she  she loved her father but hated her mother and her sister . she also stated she hopes that her dad would spend more time with her brother that was all the note state. she spent the next week in the icu unit at childrens hospital when out of danger they admitted her to the psyc unit for a week . I was not allowed to visit because her mother said she didnt want me there. some how lord nos how the ex wife has everyone blaming me for the suicide attempt. my husband and his family know its not true and tell me not to worry about it .she  is out of the hospital now but still wont talk to me.She calls her father and talks to him but wont speak to me. I love her and it hurts me and i have told him that and he says he has talked to her and she says she doesnt have a problem with me. Now her mom is letting her do as she pleases no rules shes trying to be her best friend .I have heard she said that she wants to spend time with her dad but doesnt want to be around me and my kids because we take up all his time. I dont no what to do .

stepmomspain stepmomspain
Jun 11, 2009