My Stepdaughter Disowned Me and My Daughter

When I met and fell in love with my husband 20years  ago we both had a daughter from a previous relationship. They were 6 & 7 yrs old.  My stepdaughter lived back east with her biological Mother and came out to see us 4 times a year in California.  My daughter never new her biological Father so my husband is the only Father she has ever known and you will never hear either one of them say the "step" word.   My husband has been the most wonderful father any daughter could wish for.  Over the years the four of us spent many happy times together.  We planned our vacations every year when my Stepdaughter was coming. It was always difficult to see her go back home.  The girls for as long as I can remember were always fought for their Fathers attention and he made sure he gave them both alot of attention and love.  The girls called eachother "sister" from the very beginning and got along like blood related sisters. They had their fights like most siblings do growing up. 

My stepdaughter called me "Ma" and I loved her like my own.  Her Mother and I never had any problems with eachother over the years.  My S-daughter came to live with us in California for a year when she was 16 because her Mother got married to a Step Father she disliked very much and the girls became very close and did many activities together and shared alot of the same friends. 

It was about 10 months that my SD lived with us when she started to become hateful and distant.  She would play my husband and I against eachother and the girls seemed to be fighting more often then not.  My daughter was a cheerleader and the parents were very involved with the activities they participated in.   I started to notice my SD looking at my D with very evil eyes and really seemed to dislike her a great deal.....

TO Be Continued....

Katarina Katarina
41-45, F
Oct 4, 2007