Between A Rock And A Hardplace!

I have been married for seven years, when I got the husband I got a 2 year old stepdaughter.  We have a five year old together.  Recently, I am having alot of problems with back talking, major disrespect and lying.  I am from the south, so manners are a way of life.  I have tried everything and I do everything for my stepdaughter.  Custody has recently been altered and now she lives with us 50 percent of the time.  She has gone from barely passing school to honor roll.  I don't want to point fingers at her mom, but she loves to tell me how my stepdaughter hates me and can't stand that she has to come to our house.  Two days ago, I found a bunch of her school papers that she had hidden that had D's and F's on them.  When I asked her about the grades, she flat out lied and said she didn't know she had those grades.  So, we went to the school and got copies of her grades, on her report card she had a few C's, which is not a big deal, but her and her mom lied about the grades, saying she only had A's and B's.  What do I do when she is being taught to lie and disrespect me?  I feel that I am in a losing battle and need some advice really bad.  This is a new change in her attitude, she has benn living 50 50 with us for nearly a year.  Help!

stepmom101 stepmom101
31-35, F
Feb 11, 2010