I Am A Mother, Stepmother And Friend...

My Back Story: I was first married when I was 17 years old, got pregnant shortly after turning 18, my husband at the time was in and out of jail, not the smartest choice that I have made in life, anyway my daughter was born on Christmas day, I drove myself to the hospital in the middle of winter on Christmas Eve night after getting off a 10 hour shift at the factory in the next town over. After my daughter was born I decided I needed a change, I moved as far from "Home" as I could get, went to college, worked two jobs, I have never had help from her father, or anyone for that matter, and am now very successful in life.

Hardship was the point of telling you my shortned back story. Now after being married to a very bad man and having to raise a daugter on my own I have found my special person that I intend on spending the rest of my life with. He went from being my best friend to being my soul mate. I met him when his son was 2, he was in a bad marriage and wanted out but was too afrid to do so with them having a son together, bad went to worse and there was never anythought of us being togther as a couple but i was always there for him as a friend. His wife was on Depo, later found out she lied, and she got pregnant when she found out that he was leaving her, so he stuck it out once again for the kiddo's sake and shortly after his daughter was born he divorced her and asked me out. I have known both of his kids for a long time and so has my daughter, she is 9, his son is 6 and his daughter is 3. Anyway things are good most of the time, but i still have a hard time because like the poem says, I am the one who is always forgotten. Their Mother is unemployed, does drugs, drinks and teaches them nothing but bad habits. He has tried to get full custody but since the older one is in school and she lives in the school disrict and we don't and can't PROVE that she is worthless, we have to bit our toungs and try and see the good in her.

I think my husband tries, I think I have to try allot harder. It is hard when you are expierenced in hardship and you try and help someone else and all they do is form Pitty parties for themselves. I have learned through my own expierences with my mother, never to bad mouth the other parent, always let the kids shop for them on holidays, and when things get too hard... cry in the closet after the kids go to bed.

I am hoping it gets easier, but it is hard to raise children that have a mother like her, i feel their pain on always being sick and mistreated, I pray that she can someday put her children first and I will get to enjoy them the way that GOD intended, happy and healthy.

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I wish you well it is not easy God Bless goahead