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I am a stepmom and mom I have a 13 yr old stepdaughter and an 8 yr old stepson. My baby is 4 and my bilogical baby. I do not try to or purposely treat them any dif. the daughter is mature n doesnt live with us the two boys live with me and my husband our anniversary of 2 years is coming up. My husband had his daughter and son with two dif moms. One  is ok and the other not so much. I just trying to see if any one has the same experiences in the blending of families.


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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

I am a 13 year old girl with a step-father and younger brother. I also have two older step-siblings. I can tell I sometimes make it very hard for my step-father to want to keep helping me (paying my tuition, etc.), and he feels removed from my mom. I think that the blending of families is not only hard for the children, but also the step-parents. You have to put up with our constant attacks on you for the smallest things, and I think you are very brave and loyal to do that.