The Perfect Mix

Getting drunk and getting stoned can be quite a dangerous combo, too drunk or too stoned and your on the floor.

Get the perfect mix and its the best lean!

around 4-5 pints and how ever many doobies i can handle!

now thats a good lean.

im quite a big bloke so maybe less for others?

what do yall think?

22-25, M
4 Responses Apr 24, 2009

Perfect! Love a perfect mixture of a beer buzz and pot high! You are exactly right though, too much booze then dope, I am done for!

Been both...Not sure how to answer this one. I rather be stoned than drunk but I hate that feeling when the drunk part starts to take over the stoned part. You can come down from being stoned when you have to, but it takes forever to sober up from drunken-ness. That sux! <br />
<br />
I think a good mellow beer buzz with all the grass you can handle is the best mix. Im a little bloke, but 4-5 pints of a good lager or cider plus constant toking works for me. I don't drink cheap American beer. No caffene tho, I found it makes me paranoid and kills the buzz. Cheers!

ahh yea Tips! never banged whilst have to try that one

I'll take the smoke but not the drink. I much rather get stoned then drunk any day! But that's me because I really don't get drunk but sick. I'm not a drinker, if I do it's just a little. So party on!