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And Why Not?

Men have worn leather throughout history, and even been commonplace in fashion of the Stuart age in Europe, not mentioning the long tradition in military uniform, particularly hard-wearing breeches, boots, etc. , right up to twentieth century air aces wearing full leather suits.  This male domain has shifted more to women's style.  Leather is, like any material, subject to how it is crafted and tailored - if the fit and shape is not suitable for you, in leather it will only be magnified.    Recent decades have seen the shift away from the hetero male to the gay man and has led to myths and stereotypes.  However, a specifically gay leather uniform (i.e. Tom of Finland) is readily differentiated from that of the hetero wearer.   Then there is the infamous episode in the US TV show "Friends" in popular culture (I believe it was a comedy) watched last decade by today's thirty-somethings who have been greatly misled.  So a generation have been shocked into conformity.  Given the versatility of leather - there is even stretch leather - it is a tragedy that the straight guy is ridiculed because he dares to stick out from the crowd and express his individuality.  Despite the significant exposure of leather and other fetish fabrics in films, it is left to the realms of fantasy and secret expression.  Sure, leather is more sexually expressive but with the right combination of clothing can be made to suit the occasion.  (However, a full leather suit seems hard for a man to pull off outside some very limited scenarios.) The acceptability of wearing leather in public could be correlated to the progression or regression of society and its prejudices.... at a time when we are all 'forced' to be politically correct, there has never been more violent reaction against people who are different from the crowd - and although leather-wearing men cannot really be seen as a minority per se, we certainly can experience the ugly face of a society from time to time.  
In the meantime, I enjoy spending my time in parts of the world where one can wear one's leather with pride and without fear of ridicule (better keep that gym membership up!)
Leather forever!
titusleather titusleather 41-45, M 5 Responses Mar 21, 2011

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Titusleather, thanks for expressing what me and many other guys think about men wearing leather clothes, especially leather pants. Your opinions perfectly reflect mine and are the reason I also wear leather pants on most days, at least from spring through to autumn.
My only other comment is that not all gay men relate to the stereotypical Tom of Finland look. Agreed that this image originates from gay culture, but I for one, only ever wear leather pants teamed with other fashion items eg a structured jacket and shirt with a pair of sharp dress shoes - and never with a harness or arm band - even though I'm gay. It's just not my look. I like looking sharp, not fetishy.
Interestingly I love all the admiring looks I get from women. Call it ego, but knowing I could score them even though I'm not remotely interested, is a real trip.
I often wonder if straight guys feel the same way about gay guys checking them out?

I don't mind when gay guys check me out man. I think it's hot and some women get turned on by it.

I'm impressed by your erudition sir, and the eloquence through which you make the case for us who love to wear leather. I've allowed myself to get out of shape, and the fabulous black leather jeans I got 15 years ago in Germany just don't fit anymore. In a bit of a nice surprise my wife got me a very sexy black leather jacket for Christmas, which does nicely compliment many outfits.

Another pet peeve of mine is the gay stereotype of men wearing tall boots - especially over ones jeans. First, the styles which are available to men are so terribly limited; second, if you can find a pair you really love and want to wear them outside the legs of your jeans, you're immediately labeled and snickered at.

I finally had to order a pair of custom made boots from France to get really tall shafts, worn under my trousers, and recently a woman's style in an over-size (to translate to men's sizes) just to have really dressy boots.

I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

This is probably some of the best phrased work I have read on straight men wearing leather. And I fully agree. Well done!!!

well said

Titus speaks the truth - I thought we'd moved on from the uniform 70s when nothing but denim was allowed but we seem to have regressed.<br />
<br />
Why not try central/eastern Europe where they seem to be more relaxed about leather gear.