Why I Crossdress

I started as a teenager wearing and ************ in my moms nylon panties. I also like to wear her nightgowns and slips. When i got out on my own i started to steal panties from laundry baskets & whereever else i could. My first wife caught me and didn't approve so i had to hide this side of me from her. As time went by i started buying my own things. Nightgowns and panties have always been my favorite. After i got divorsed i started to be upfront with the women i was with and found out that most of them liked the idea. The woman i have been with for the last 14 yrs. loves to play with me. She sees it as perfectly normal for me to explore my feminine side. I could never pass as a woman and don't want to. I love the way satin and nylon feel on my skin and it makes me feel like such a **** and that really excites me. I have always been straight but have to admit i fantisize about what it would be like to suck a **** or be ****** in my ***. It seems that crossdressing keeps taking on some new direction all the time as i seem to become alittle more jaded as time go on.
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Your feminine desires will only continue to grow with each passing day. I remember years ago it was all about wanting a lesbian relationship with a woman. It then progressed to wanting to be with another cross-dresser. Now it is all about being a woman for a man. It is wonderful to suck a **** but pure feminine bliss to receive a **** into your feminine depths.

So true. Seems the more feminine my clothing is, the more I want to please a man.

My story is very similar but my wife still does not approve. I am still in the closet but I have opened the door.

I think you capture what so many of us crossdressers feel...

I just love the feel of satin and nylon nightgowns. I have alot of them. I get them at Goodwill stores and off Ebay and Etsy.

Long nylon nightgowns feels so good!