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Finding it really hard to meet a straight crossdresser :-/
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Look no further my dear ! Would love to talk ! Please message me !

Ack I know! It's so easy to find ones on the Internet, but it's most likely the conservative town I live in that makes cd's want to stay hidden. Oh, darn.

Look no further ..l'm right here.and single.

I am one.

I am also married also. My wife does no tallow any crossdressing. But I know there are more of crossdressers like me who are 100% heterosexual than there are women that accept us.

Unfortunately there aren't a lot of women that do accept crossdressers. I got lucky, my wife accepts me however she does not participate with me when I am dressed.

So I joined this group thinking this is where the straight crossdressers must be, I am however a straight single girl. I'd just like to meet someone who likes crossdressing in the bedroom.

Crossdressing in the bedroom is such a turn on for me, I just wish my wife would feel the same way.

I cant understand why wives dont like it. I'd give anything for girly fun with someone every night :-/ can i ask you a personal question?

You can ask me a personal question, however I would prefer to do it in a message and not here for everyone to read. Add me as a friend and send me a message with your question.

I tried to reply to your message, but since we are not friends it didn't go through. But to answer your question, I have never been unfaithful to my wife. She supports me, but does not participate with me when I am dressed.

Thank you for your reply. Didnt know how to make friends as Im new on here!

To make friends, click on my profile picture that will take you to my profile page. Then if you put your mouse over picture again, then it should say "Add to Circle" at which time I will be in your circle, then I after that I can add you as a friend.... I told you this in case if you would like to be friends.

Im right here.

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Keep on trying dear. I'm married but am sure there are more like me out there!:)