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My two girls know that I am tolerant and understanding and always have time to listen, but they also know that there are certain things that I will never accept. One of those is being rude and using disrespectful lnaguage when talking to parents and other adults. I tend to ignore curse words the girls use when talking to each other or their friends, but that is different when they talk to me or my husband or their grandparents. Last Sunday, my older daughter (she is 10) got very agitated about not being allowed to invite 3 of her friends over after dinner, and she called me a "mean stupid cow". She knows better - the last time she got spanked for this sort of thing was only about a month ago. So she knew immediately what was in store for her when I said "Up to your room, now." I left her to stew for about 20 minutes, then went up and found a very contrite girl who apologized again and again. I told her that I accepted her apologies but that she had to learn to better control herself. I sat on the edge of her bed and just patted my skirt, so she knew what she had to do. She took off her jeans and with tiny little steps approached and bent forward over my knees. I told her that I was going to spank her so that she remembered the next time she was going to lose control. I had lots of sympathy for the crying little girl, but I also knew that she needed a stingy bottom to learn. So I gave her two dozen on her panties, and a few extra on her thighs. Then we hugged and I told her that she is forgiven.

Am I too strict?
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I remember my sister going over my mothers knee and getting spanked with the hairbrush for calling her an old bag when she was about sixteen years old. My sister still remembers it as well. Certainly wouldn't be considered too strict by the standards we grew up with. A ten year old calling her mother a stupid cow is definitely not OK.

That was the proper response to such misbehavior. I would have left her panties up also but would have applied a ping pong paddle to them.

That is the proper way to teach a young lady the respect she should have for adults, you are a good Mom, thank for sharing!

I do not think any parent should tolerate that kind of disrespect from their children. I think you did fine.

I don't think you are too strict , if ever i was rude to my mother she would put me over here knee and pull my pants down and give me a good hiding ,!!

No. You did well. Let me offer two things that my mother did as we'll. One, she always tod us that " this is hurting me more than u. The other was to make us tell her we loved her. Think about the psychology behind that. We were thanking her for whipping our *****! It wasn't her fault in other words. A genius my mother was!

Your daughter will do the same with her kids. I spank my girlfriends if I have one that gets out of line.

I agree with what you did, only I would have taken her panties down and given her the spanking bare bottom.

I would have follow those parental steps just like you did.<br />
<br />
Greta, Great job!!!!<br />
<br />
Position for spanking

No you were not too strict on her you should of took down her panties as well though as that is what I would of done for saying that to you.

You wre actually lienient, Ma'am.

Not at all. I might even say that you aren't strict enough for ignoring curse words from your ten year old no matter who she is speaking to.

I agree with the above comments. Not too strict but rather appropriate. <br />
<br />
A well spanked bottom is what makes rude little girls grow up to become well behaved women.

No Way!! You're rather lienient. In my mom's youth, she would have been SLAPPED on sight then given a SEVERE spanking. You're daughter is lucky to have a caring and loving mom. Imagine if you DON'T put a stop to it. At 17 she could be pregnant, on drugs, in a half way house or worse.<br />
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Keep up the good work Ma'am. Your kids AND society will thankyou one day.<br />
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:-)<br />

I like your attitude Smackedboarder!<br />
Keep up the good work!

smackedboarder . you have my Respect . one has to make it Hurt or its not A Punishment

My eldest told me i was 'a miserable cow' amongst other things a few days ago.She got her bottom smacked as well.You're not to strict at all,i smack my girls for a lot less.They misbehave or are rude or disrespectful then they know their bare bottoms will pay the price.

Yes, spanking on the thighs are more 'memorable!!

Gerta68 . my mum was much Stricter than you are . it did me no Harm . youngsters need Discipline . Corrective Therapy now . When they are young to Teach obedience and Respect . you are A Good Mum Gerta68 . Making better Adults by Teaching the youngsterts now .

Well done, I think the spanking on the thighs she would remember a lot more than on her bottom, the thighs as someonelse already said sting a lot more from a strong hand, I switch so I sometimes get it both ways, and a hug is always good after a spanking

Mary, welcome here. <br />
We would like to more of your views.

Not too strict at all

Again I concur everything you all said!<br />
It was the right medicine for an act / word like that! lol.

I to have deep respect towards my mom she also washed my mouth out when I had called her a B word. then one time I said F off My mom was so angry at me not only did I eat soap but I was spanked severely I could not sit for a week. along with corner time and was grounded for I think was the whole weekend.

Same here. I agree with all of you all. I had called my momther a B***h once and only once. I will never forget her reaction to me. I had to eat a small piece of soap, just after getting my whipping. I couldn't sit for about a hour and a half. She had asked me were I had heard that from, and I told her from my "daddy". She told me she was not a female dog. I had only said it to her just one time, never again did I call her that. What gets me is children saying they hate there parents, an if something happens to them, then what"? Saying I sorry, will be a little to late, when they are gone.

S/boy,<br />
I agree.

Greta, I think without the spanking, she would feel free to go on doing such things or worse. I think you did the right thing and it was not overboard.

Gerta, I'm sure you did! Lol

GERTA.<br />
I think by the above comments you realise you took the right course of action when your daughter misbehaved.<br />
Keep up the good work.

Bowing, i like and agree with your comment!

You are absolutely correct with correcting your daughter. as you have read most or all of my stories I was spanked for the same reasons. When I called my mom names or was being rude I had a trip over my moms knee's.<br />
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You was very much like the way my mom was in getting the lesson learned even if it met a sore stinging bottom.