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Some months ago I came across an article "A Handbook of CP" by Maria Dolores.  Her discussion goes around the safety or danger of various spanking implements and positions.  To make her long discussion short the only kind of safe implements is one that inflicts pain only at the surface level of the skin, and it does not hurt any other, deeper tissue. So good implements are light, flexible ones, those that bend easily upon contact with the skin. Stiff, rigid implements on the other hand will land firmly on the body. Their energy is transmitted through the skin into deeper levels, muscles and bones. You cannot immediately see the real effects caused by those stiff implements in the deeper levels of the body. This may lead you to a false belief that they are safe.

On the contrary spanking by flexible implements may leave marks or welts which make most people think that kind of spanking is not safe, or even "abusive".  In reality according to Maria a spanking that leaves marks on the skin is the safest spanking possible. The results are visible, and the skin can easily handle the damage. A spanking that does not leave marks may be unsafe.

You may gather that implements like paddles, spatula, wooden spoon, bath brush and hairbrush belong to the unsafe category because they are hard and stiff.  Maria recommends canes, switches, belts, straps and taws as safe ones if they are light and flexible.

Most amazingly I was led to the same conclusion many years ago though not through a "scientific" thinking like Maria's but rather by intuition.  When my son was about 8 I felt the need to upgrade my spanking method from the bare hand to something else but it was a horrible idea to hit my boy with a hard object like a hairbrush.  Instead I cut and brought a switch from our garden and applied several strokes on his buttocks and thighs.  That gave him quite a pain - that's what CP is all about  - and the marks it left were gone within a day.  Since then switches, belts, light leather strap and thongs become my favorite implements for the spanking of my kids.

By the way Maria recommends copying and spreading her article on the Internet, which I am doing below.
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Hi kimistill. I just downloaded this file as a .pdf and read it. Legal retribution and the criminal justice system can be swift and permanently detrimental to a young person caught up in it's snare. Alcohol, drugs and cars can be equally unforgiving of relatively small mistakes. 'Natural' justice has far worse things to offer as a reward for serious mistakes than severe corporal punishment administered by a loving parent. As I have already said elsewhere my children were never so recalcitrant as to require Parental Corporal Punishment but if a youngster in my care stubbornly behaved in ways that could endanger life, either theirs or someone else's, or lead to their incarceration then I would certainly consider it. This document presents a well balanced and reasonable treatment of the facts of life.

I am very familiar with Maria Dolores´ article, and I agree strongly with almost all her views, particularly on using flexible implements which only damage the skin and make no deeper injuries, to muscles or even bone structure.

You - and Maria - are so right.

The tawse or belt are ideal

You are right, an implement made of genuine leather is the best to use when necessary.

Ideal for whom Bri50? If you and your mistress enjoy using the taws or belt then that is your business. Go ahead and flog each other to the full extent of your heart's dark desires but remember that most people who were beaten as children say that it did them no good at all really. Pain like most adult vices is an acquired taste. I too have a bit of a longing for it but I have never assaulted my (now adult) children and they are as well behaved as any reasonable parent can expect. Strictness and brutality are not the same thing. The best way to teach children discipline is to set an example of self- discipline.

This accords with what I had always believed. When I taught I used a strap and a cane, both of which caused pain and left transient marks, but no lasting damage. I remember talking once to an American teacher from Texas who used the paddle. I felt that was inappropriate due to its weight and rigidity. In contrast he believed the cane was a barbaric instrument. While the cane is certainly a severe instrument, I strongly suspect that it leaves les lasting damage than a heavy paddle.

I have a bit of a kink for it myself kimistill but I don't believe in spanking children. In fact I think it could be harmful to them. I never spanked my kids and now that they are both grown they have never disappointed me.

very interesting article, kimi ... and it makes a lot of sense. I had a number of relatives who swore by forsythia switches. I mostly swore AT them ... but never out loud.

forgot to you spank or whip over panties or with panties off

I was spanked from the time I was a kid and so were my sisters. Our mother used a strap, a switch and sometimes a paddle. Mostly we were subjected to the strap and the switch. When I got older I became a sub for a very dominant mistress. She uses a variety of instruments on me and the one she chooses most of the time is a medium length whip. It stings when I am punished but the thought of it also gets me excited.

more boys need moms like you.

All those things are terrible!! But shes right about bruising from the heavy things and only lighter marks from the other nasty things lol

yep - but as it states - marks are not always bad..

hmm.. the avatar shows something - is that what a strict mom uses? do tell.

More so in schools.

and as far as I know, spanking is not allowed in most countries.
Isnt that like being a child in a sweets shop and not buyng?

I can imagine sometimes you almost bite your lips of the craving to spank a girl there, or not?

do you get very wet and aroused when you spank?
add me please

I enjoyed reading your post

The thesis never occurred to me but it makes complete sense.

My Mom switched to a belt when I was about 10 and spanked over jeans until she discovered me with five extra pairs of underpants on. (I guess I really thought that would slip by her)

Especially after she started spanking pants down, it hurt like the devil's own fire and for a while but the effects never lasted too long. Once I hid her spanking belt and got switched and that was ever worse and the welts lasted longer but nothing more than few days.

Thank you for your useful post.

Hi Kimi, how are you ? have you ever been spanked by your husband using his leather belt?

A belt is a good example of something that is very painful and effective and may even leave some scary marks (those long linear red marks and even welts) that do NOT cause long term damage (like how the bruising from a fearsome paddling that may last several days) and are gone within a few hours or at very most a day or two. This is exactly the reason my gf uses a belt. While you are getting it... geez, feels like it is ripping your flesh right off. as horrible as a razor strap is, it falls in this same category of extreme effectiveness but effects really are short term.

Thank you for posting this. I agree with you and what that article said and I am so glad there are others like me with almost identical views. I too from intuition and instincts that have caused me to stay away from the implements that the Author discussed such as the paddle. I have always prefered the switch as it is so effective on the bottom and legs and the marks disappear after a couple of days. However, I think the ruler is another safe and good implement to use but think it works best on the backs of the legs (thighs and calves). The ruler can be used over the marks and welts after a switching if extra punishment is needed or if the marks are fading too quickly.

I would only hand spank when they are around 11 - 12 and start to use implements into the teenage years when the discipline can be more strict. I would never give CP to a small child or below the ages mentioned as I think this is abuse and wrong and is emotional and mentally damaging.

We started spanking our kids when they were 4-5 years old, using the hairbrush, then introducing them to other spanking implements, like the belt, the switch and the birch as they grew older.

That sounds good seems that itvtaught u more about givingvspankings :)-----

For teens who may need a little extra, a lexan paddle is a safe and effective way to deliver an intense sting without bruising. It is virtually indestructible, too.

Thanks a lot for your story and the link to the handbook. We use a flexible strap and occasionally a cane, which is effective. The cane is a harsh implement, but it is effective.

i enjoyed your story and my mother was a strict woman and im a men in my mid 40's now but must say i received many bare bottom spankings from my mother and she used all the above hand,belt,paddle,wooden spoon,hairbrush and back in the 70's it was always bare bottom spankings.

I always use a belt or a cane in serious cases: these are very safe instruments. We often spank our son and he never got any injuries. The welts are just normal consequence of the punishment.

I agree about the belt. I have been strapped with the belt hundreds of times. Belt strappings are serious things. VERY effective punishment. It feels like your flesh is being ripped off in strips. The fire in your bare fanny just blazes.. Deep crimson... welts... and yet in a day or two back to normal.

I do not agree with the corporal punishment of children either in the home or school. It is not what they need most. At home they need shelter, love and skills for living and from school they need education and a craft or trade. But I see no reason why adults in a consensual relationship should not spank each other according to whatever rules they devise for this game. This is fun not punishment. I find this information useful kimistill but for another purpose entirely.


Very interesting. I am not familiar with Maria Dolores so will have to google the name. In the UK the cane was the most popular implement of punishment in schools, whereas I understand the paddle is the most popular in the USA. If it is as dangerous as is claimed how is/was it sanctioned in so many states?

I've found that, while I agree that some implements obviously are going to leave more of an impression than others, it's more in HOW the implement is used. I can use a school type principal's paddle, and if I don't just rare back like it was a ba<x>seball bat and, instead, alter the angle where the paddle strikes the spankee (in the proper place--LOW, on the fleshy part where she sits), it is a quite effective spanking. Bruises alone do NOT constitute abuse---some people simply have fair skin and bruise more easily than others. A wooden spoon or ruler is best for the sit spots. Ping pong paddles, hairbrushes, teardrop paddles are all purpose paddles to get the "all over coverage" a naugty girl needs. Thigh paddles are just that; and a switch or strap should only be used if it's serious, if the spankee knows tyhere will likely be stripes that last a day or two, and she consents. I should point out that ALL the spankings I give are consensual and the girl is of legal age. But the point is the same---many of the so-called heavy artillery can be used with good common sense and they won't do massive tissue damage to the buttocks or leave ghastly hematomas on the skin. It ain't rocket science, but there IS a right and a wrong way to set a girl's fanny on fire.

i get the ping pong paddle lol

That makes a great deal of sense. My mother almost always used a paddle on my bare behind, but the times that. Someone else used a switch actually caused more short term/immediate pain but the after effects were gone in a day.

Now as I can look back, i think that the leather belt always was the best implement to use for my behaviour.

you need to stop stalking me. I'm tired of your ****.

Sorry ladygodiva110, there wasn't my intention to stalk you.
I would like to wish you an abundant New Year 2012 with my promise not to read your stories and no more my comments on them.

When your boys do not respect the leather belt you use on them, it seems to be right to try a strop. I got it a couple of times on my bottom and it was very effective and painful so I begged my parents to use the belt. At last they agreed but warned me if I still would be very stubborn they would have to use strop.

Agree with you Christiann61, you are right. There was a time when corporal punishment was allowed when your child didn't listen to you or his/her teachers.
There wasn't TV, computers, cell phones etc.
I am very surprised when I hear that our parents didn't love us and children were beaten, tortured and so on.
The truth is that the most part of my classmates never received any punishment because they tried to do their best.
When something wrong was done their parents did the same as other do today, they took away for some time for their kid the things like going to the cinema, to ice hockey or other games or visit his/her classmate. And believe me it worked!
But believe me that about 30% of my school friends got much harder punishments because other methods like talking, explaining,asking, simply begging didn't work so the best solution was the belt (in my case). But was is important to notice that the merit was of that 30% that most of them were able to finish even high school.

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The first time when I was spanked I was five year of age because my parents who seemed to be very strict they never used implements on us untill we were in school time.<br />
We as the children, we didn't have any influence on my parents choise what kind of the implemement they could use on us when we would disobbey.<br />
It was a many years ago but they decided that the leather belt would be the best implement on our bottoms when we would bishave and a we called it "heavy duty" belt just waiting for us. To answer this queston I think now that it was the best choise of my parents to take the best care care of us.

I like using a hairbrush because it is portable. A cane cannot be transported in my purse. Plus the intimidation factor of me pulling out my hairbrush is really all that is needed, in some instances, to make a quick change in behavior. I have used a wooden spoon and a spatula because that is what was handed to me to use. I don't like using my hand. I will look into other implements. Bottom line is a hard head makes for a soft ***. Enough spankings and the behavior will change. Hopefully, I won't have to give out too many spankings - but if they earned them, they get them.

I was and am with you ladygodiva110, why hurt your hand. It's their bottom that is supposed to hurt.

kimistill, Very good info., thanks. I added you, hope it's ok.