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Hello single mom with three girls ages 4,6, and 12 years old and a son age 6. I am a strict mom who is not afraid to spank when needed and with my strong willed children it's needed lol I spank bare bottom lap and I have used a paddle before, then corner time. I hope to meet more moms like me and make friends and I am willing to exchange spanking and punishment idea's thanks hollyann
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I was born 1947 in Germany and I had upbringing 4 children in thre 60 th and 70th years. All children of the world have fom time to time bad behaviour or are disobedient. The same was in the past in our house. A strict spanking to the right time was ever a good correction for my children. Better as the most other punishment methods. Special for younger children i think it is the best way.

Parents (both Mums and Dads) should never be afraid to spank when necessary and when due warnings fail to be heeded.

Love , care and discipline.

WHY IS BEING STRICT IMPORTANT? WHY MUST YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO DOMINATE YOUR CHILDREN? You're there to help them grow into beautiful people, who are good natured. Love them, make them comfortable, safe and happy, don't hurt them. You miserable people! Don't have kids if you can't tolerate them.

THEY LOOK TO YOU FOR COMFORT AND LOVE, NOT TO BE HIT. If they need guidance or are being rambunctious, be patient. Calm them, take time to be THE MOTHER, not the ABUSER.

Gosh, to those of you replying to this positively, SHAME! If anyone should have respect for your children it should be you and if you should have respect for anyone in this world it should be your own children. Who are you to lay your hands on them? They are people. You don't HIT anyone, that's wrong. JUST BECAUSE YOUR PARENTS HIT YOU, DON'T HIT THEM TO GET EVEN. People like you should NOT have kids.


Please contact me. I love to discuss discipline.

So, when you get old and your children shove you in a nursing home and never bother visiting you because you used to hit them...what good will all those spankings be then?

I spank my son whenever he back talks me, which he does a LOT

I was raised by a single mom who spanked a lot. While it was painful at the time I am very thankful she raised me this way. She used her hand and birch to teach me right from wrong. Also, I have a deep respect for women which I credit from being raised by a strict mom.

im 22 and need to be spanked

Hollyann, I admire you.<br />
I'm a mom whose not afraid to spank. I have four childern, three boy's ages 6,8,11, and one girl age 14. My lap is kept occupied after I have down their pants for an old fashion bare bottom paddling.<br />
My mom did the same with me.<br />
<br />
I wish to become your freind. Share motherly advice or insights. Cit chat.<br />
<br />
Carla James

You sound wonderful. I was raised by a single mom who spanked. While it was painful at the time I am very thankful she raised me this way. Her spankings taught me right from wrog like nothing else could. Also, I have a deep respect for women which I credit from being raised by a strict mom.

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Thank you!

my mom was a pro spanking mum and she kept me as her only unruly son well disciplined. i had to obey her and my sisters even my younger sister. and she encouraged my sisters to be involved in my chastisement.

does she still spank you today and what about your sisters due they have kids and due the spank

yes she still spanks me my sisters spank there kids and my wife and sisters still spank me my sisters whip me with stinging nettles

I love your style please add me.

I will support u every step of the way.