I Am, A Pro Spanking Mom.

Hello, I am, Carla James.

I would love to exchange ideas with other moms whom spank.

I have four kids,three boys Tyler 6, Tommy 8, Howie 11, and one girl Sarha 14. All my kids, I have spank many times with my hand or paddle on their bare butts. I spank each one on my lap. Tommy,I spank on July 4, 2012 for being rude and mouthy. His pants, I downed.

Hoping other moms will contact me.

Carla james
carlajames carlajames
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yes, i also spank my 14 year old nephew when he is ************. i take him over my lap giving him a real hard spanking by hand and afterwards by hairbrush or woodden kitchen spoon for about ten minutes bare bottom, of course. that serves him right and I will continue this way!

realy do u ? i like that

Do you need to bare Carla?

If my mother have done the same, I'd have gotten on the top of the hill !

I'm sure they r better behaves than most kids today

I agree as long as you\'re in control

Ever had your sons bend over and grab their ankles while you use the paddle?

otk probably better

hi i would like to exchange views, im mother of 11 yrold

depends on circumstances, boy or girl

hello, i have a nephew who is with me for quite a while being in puberty now aged 14. he just started to make love to himself in bed next to me at night. so i have got to take him over my lap after he´s finished giving him a real good spanking by hand first and then with my hairbrush on his naked butt for about ten minutes to teach him a lesson this way what I like and what I dislike. What´s your opinion on this affair? LOVE!

hi i think its a natural reaction

but yes you have to discipline him

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Do you have scheduled spankings or them?

the de rigeour b-day spanking

I spank both my boys age 14 & 16 and would love to exchange ideas with other moms

good luck!!!!

Well done.. not enough do this.. i am pro spanking and pro discipline - just like daughters remember their dads punishing, there is that bond of exposure and humiliation when a son is punished by his mom.

I\'m okay with sons and moms, not okay with dads and daughters

I'm mom of Rob who is 12 and needs regular spankings. Happy to chat about discipline.

As long as you stick to your hands, it's okay...hands on their bottoms.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect Paddle is sometimes needed.

Some boys have really hard heads -- and butts

You're a terrible mom doing taht to your child. In my country you would gladly end up with your childs taken away.

we can chat in yahoo messenger if you like "alicemother offour@yahoo.com"

i wish u where my mom i need many otk spanking and im 22

agree completly and im 27

me to

hello i would like to know more and chat if thats ok

i was many spanked by mother on bare bum same time in public it was no good it was with her hands;My wife is a christian from pakistan daughter of a pastoor in pakistan eldest 8 children.Father very fiew strike children when he strike always with hands and never bare bum;He prefere speak to children, if he strike it must be last solution. My wife is now 38 years she received only 2 spanking from dad on her life. First when she was 8 years , on christian school play ground she disput with a boy and said bastard to him.her dad listen this and came obliged her to made excuse to the boy and then he spank her 2 good smack on her bum. In pakistan it is hot so her pant is very light her father have strong hands.She feel pain rub her buttocks ,and have pain one hour to seat on chair in class room.Second time she fight with her cousin maria Maria said to her silly girlshe slap her fight and put maria on the ground both are 9 years; Father came asked explainations arrange the 2 girls reconciled ; after he said he must give a spanking to each; A small for maria for bad words, for Betty he said"I am sorry but what you made is wrong in bible you could not fight and beat same peoples, I must give you hard spanking, came on my knees and present yourbum to daddy to received your punishement" Betty obey, she think received a spanking like first time; But this time the big hands on daddy strike her hardly; It was juny and her pant and underwear very light! 4 times dad hand squatch on her bottom give 4 strongs smacks noisely;: smaack,smaack,smaack, smaack; this timeit was painfull she cry rub her butt;and go to bathroom put cold water on her sore bum,she have small marks of father hands; she feel pain 2 hours.for lunch father give her a cushion to seat confortable; she never more be spank and good educated

I would like to be part of your circle please add me

Do you spank them bare in front of each other (especially Sarah in front of boys)?

Develop more tools...

Uh thanks for sharing creepy lady