I have been spanking my girls since they were 11 and did not realize till recently that I have been spanking our girls in their bedroom with the window shaded up when I spanked them bare. Sence I could not see anything outside my window, I assume no one could see in. I realized that our older next door neighbor could look down complete into the girls rooms and see everything. I looked up and there he was watching and could see everything. I was finish spanking so I left the room. I was wondering how long he had been watching the spanking sessions. and wonder if he had seen any of mine as well? When I told my husband he tried to laugh it off and say men will always watch no big deal, but he said I should not close the window when I spank our girls. Should I have my husband speak to our neighbor, or should I or just leave the issue alone.
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Depends what you want. Your neighbour would probably like to join in.

Lucky neighbor

Seems you have a good situation as it is now, I wouldn't say anything and enjoy it. Wonder what shows your daughters are giving him when your not in the room though

Keep the windows open and lighten up your clothes.

How old are you and the girls now? Do you spank husband when he messes up also?

Chances are the girls knew and liked it.

I would just be concerned about your daughters. Not fair to them really.

How old are your girls? I think I would close everything.

Close the window and pull down the shade.