First Time

I JUST recently got a job as a ********.  I am excited and super nervous because of some drama I've already heard in the locker room.  I tend to keep to myself anyways, but am prone to giving people advice.  I am worried this might lead into some trouble.  So far though I've danced one night and was hired in after an amateur night and let me tell you, I am REAL amateur.  I've heard that the girls at this dance club cut locks, slice the straps off shoes, and tear clothing...also they can be territorial over certain clients.  Does anyone else have these problems??  I work this Friday night again.

Also, I was rushed to sign the contract and one of the managers went through some procedures quickly.  It is a little nerve racking.  I am ready to make some good money though and pay off some loans, oh yeah!

Any pointers from all you experienced dancers?  I read the tips and tricks and that did help as far as things to bring. :)
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5 Responses Apr 11, 2012

how is the stripping going now? have the girls warmed up to you and are you more skillful in the job? pole skills and haggling skills improved? and how do you feel about the job now?

i was a dancer once, i did it for four retrospect i miss it, i miss being on stage and i miss wearing all the lovely costumes and dresses. and my body is never gonna be the same as when i was working on the pole 5 nights a week.

i would never go back to this profession again and i am thankful that i have done it, it has been a real eye opening experience and it has given me so much confidence and value on myself.
being a ******** is nothing to be fround upon, girls who do it because they choose to and can leave the job at their own accord..its an art form and nobody can make you feel undignified unless you have a problem with it yourself.

good luck in the future ;)

sometimes you will think that it is getting harder (and it will be days like that) but please please don't start drinking and do coke. be strong

The best advice I have seen on here, Is GET IN, AND OUT. Don't stay dancing after you have accomplished your goal. Make goals for yourself for each time you go to work. Always remember, it is NOT a night out at the club with the girls. It is a JOB, it's work, don't let people or things distract you. Good luck.

don't drink or do drugs.. get in and get out.. save your money and educate yourself

I just tried messengering you but it won't allow me too

AWESOME!!!! I want to go see you sometime! Get that money, girl :)