Well, I Did It Once

I was 18 at the time, and one of my best friends was getting married.  Everyone clubbed around to get her a ******** for her hen night, but they came up up short.

Now some people hate the thought of having a ********, but this particular lady had it right at the top of her list.  The other girls were seriously disappointed that they couldn't afford to get her one and started trying to think of another way of getting her a ***** for the night... and that's how I got roped in!

Normally I'm the kind of guy who would start off naked and people would pay me to put my clothes BACK ON... lol!  But I went for it and, buoyed up by all the chants of "OFF, OFF, OFF" I went the whole way...

I'm pleased to say that she wasn't too horrified by it all, and we're still friends.  I think she liked the fact  it was me that did it.  It was pretty funny and I think she was a little touched that I would that for her.

I wouldn't do it now though... well, maybe for the right person... lol

Pricey Pricey
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11 Responses Jul 13, 2008

peeking from under a bush (click...click...click) ducking back in

*Showered with crispy cake*<br />
<br />
You're not supposed to laugh when you say that!

I don't wanna take your eye out!... lmao<br />
<br />
Sorry, I just had a total laughing fit at that. Even I couldn't take it seriously... lol

*Gasp!* She's a voyeur!

need prespective...Need to show how well made you are....GOT TO GET IT ON FILM..........

Bring my leg up... ooh you naughty woman!

click...click...click bring your leg up just a little...click..click...click

*Removing clothes as a reflex*

How dare you madam! *Hoping to take attention away from his penis*

Well...Welll... Well...look who is calling the kettle necked...seems to me that all your stories involved letting him out of hs bag...(hehehehe) caught ya Pricy

I know... I didn't realise it was a dirty word...