Needing Some Cash...

I need some cash as I am a poor student, I am sick of working the ****** low paying jobs. I am attractive and recently I have been frequenting ***** clubs to see what its all about.

I am confident I can get over the stigma of stripping and take advantage of the money.

I applied today at a club, so now all I have to do is wait and see...

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i think it is sexy you have danced

While I was dancing I had a great time. I was in a very professional club that was classy and forbade any "extras" that sometimes come to be expected in other ckubs. I did it briefly to help me with school and making a smoother transition into getting a job once I came back to North America. So that experience I liked, it was fun, I made money and I didn't feel like I was compromising any serious moral values. I did have a different experience in North America, I tried it one night in a nasty club (I didn't research properly before I started working there) and it was a far cry from the club I was at in Australia. It was basically a ***** house...except with a bar and a lounge instead of separate rooms. I still made cash the one night I worked doing it the 'honest' way I was used to...but I knew I didn't belong there. I later learnt that I went to one of the worst clubs in my I learnt a lesson to do my homework before working at a new club.

i am in a very similar situation. i am a little shocked at myself for even considering this, but i have little to no other means to fund my schooling... and i believe it is something that i could do for a time.<br />
<br />
might i ask, what was it like for you?

I was until I had to leave Australia and come back to NA. Currently on vacay in the Caribbean, but I'm thinking about going back to it in the new year where I will be living. <br />
Definitely made some cash.

Well, what happened? Are you stripping now?