Coming Back

I had a TIA/CVA on August 26,2008. I say TIA& CVA because they were never really sure which to call it.
For that matter they never were convinced I was having anything more then a Panic attack!
Luckly for me , my family was persistent on following on the E.R. Doctors call about it being yet another"anxiety attack'.
After 2 weeks of test`s & a trip thru the MRI machince, someone finally believed me!
Talking is still a chore. I`ve learned to conceal the tremors enough to work .

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51-55, M
2 Responses May 12, 2012

I don`t wish to sound bitter about what happened ,it is the past, I`ve worked very hard to get past it. Every day is a new challenge of some sort. <br />
I try and think about some of the humorus moments.<br />
Like when I first realized I sounded like an answering machine when I spoke. That silly things made me bust out w/ laughter. And how much fun having a Corgi pup is for P.T. partner. They love to walk ,wrestle & play tug of war. It`s a great way to work on your Balance, Endurance & Strength all at once!

I`m still amazed by how easily my symptoms were dismissed. <br />
I had been having them since about age 12, but they always said the same <br />
thing,":Anxiety Attack". To bad that doesn`t explain 5 areas of destroyed grey<br />
matter. And trouble with both short & long term memory.