Massive Strokr

My mother's is 60 years old when she got her first stroke on April 2008. After 3 months of rehabilitation, she was sent home.. The right side of the body was affected that makes her arms and legs paralized. She can walk slowly by that time. After 5 years when she was 65 the stroke strike again.. It affect her left side and now the whole body was paralized. She manage to drink her own saliva after 2 weeks and start to feed after 3 weeks because of dysfagia.. She can talk in a low voice. After one month in a hopital/rehabilitation, she had another stroke again.. A week past and the doctor talk to us that my mother should sent home. She cannot talk and eat food until now. I really dont want to do..
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Hi how is your mam now? My dad has had a stroke and has been left with very little speech and we are worried it will never come back again to what it was

I know it's hard for you mon. My mom has also stroke.I have two girls I can not worked. She had her first stroke 4 years ago after her theraphy she walked with walker but in January 2013 she had second stroke she cant move right side of her body .i have 2 daughter .michi is 3 year old and the older is 12 years. I help her with her theraphy and after 3 months she starts with the cane with 3 feet but I have a great blessing the life I have with God gives me peace each day and I see she suffers.
but we go to christian church with my family .people of church always talk with her .they love to proud for her to working hard.