Surviving After Massive Stroke

I a 35 year old stroke survivor. Iam blessed to have a husband who supports me.I had a massive right side brain bleed on 12/15/07 .My left arm is paralised as a result of that terrible day.I would like to move to a city where being a stroke survivor is more accepted.Living in a small southern town is really hard because I get starred at and made fun of alot of ignorant people here.My mom is crazy and we have not spoken in a year. eventhough I have a very supportive husband it doesn't take the place of a mother.I am often sad and depressed it is hard to accept being disabled at a young age.

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I know what you mean im 26 and suffered a stroke a week after I had my baby girl 3 months ago it is very hard I literally thought my life was over

Hi I two am a stroke survivor I had mine 8/7/11 I'm only 33 and single. I have function now of everything expect my hand and fingers. I feel all alone and useless. Maybe we can talk if u need to

I know how you feel I'm 23 I had a massive stroke at 22 weak left side supportive boyfriend

U r not alone, know that r many sad stories, b greatfull that ur husband is supportive. I had a stroke n my right side is paralized, i too have been blessed with a supportive husband, and i am gratefull. Take one day at a time, i believe that we r ment for something greater. Know that u r loved, write, i am glad to help if u let me.

You're not alone. My 33 year old husband just had a massive stroke and almost died in 2011. Survived but his right arm is still paralyzed, can barely walk, speak and is nearing the so called completion of his recovery the doctors say. Our very alive lives came to a screeching halt. Move to a bigger city if it helps. I can't stand small towns for that reason (being judged). In the city nobody cares, people are too busy but it's quicker paced. I even started working downtown Chicago because of the small mindedness of some parts of suburbia.

I live in a small southern town also

I know how both of you's feel. I myself was 32 when i had my stroke. It ruined my whole right side and my short term memory. I have a hard time walking unless i'm totally concentrated on each and every step. I have 3 children which i take care of by myself even though i have a man but he works all the time. I'm extremely exhausted 24/7 and no one understands why i would be always tired (duh cause of the stroke) My mother complains that i cannot keep a clean house (i have 3 kids, 1 is autistic, and 1 is adhd is 3yrs old and has never slept through the night). I feel the life in me has disappeared, i don't have friends and no support from anyone. Constant pain 24/7 it's not unbearable but it would be nice to be pain free for awhile. My family thinks i should be completely normal and maybe it's cause i try not to show my disability to anyone by not doing anything that i know i cannot do. Man life is frustrating after a stroke.

One of the hardest part is seeing if family members can or cannot adapt to the complexity of stroke survivors. The reality they must face sometimes is too much or forgotton. A neuropsychologist once told me it's the closest to the patient that is usually the one in denial. A mother, a spouse, children perhaps...

I have 2 girls and i totally understand the frusteration

I AM SO HAPPY SOME ONE KNOWS WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH. STROKE RECOVERY IS A LONG HARD JOURNEY.i wish there was a way we can keep in touch with so much in common. we can be each others support group!

I know exactly how you feel. I was 33 when my life as I knew was turned upside down. My mom does not get where I am coming from with the pain and depression of stroke. She thinks cleaning and tidying up is all I need, would not ever think I need a hug. I don't have a loving husband, but I do have 3 children, my boys are quite loving most of the time, but my daughter only loves herself. I'm heartbroken everyday, tired most of the day and I feel hurt and sad most of the time. I try not to be so negative, but I can't help it when everyday is about being alive, but not living. I feel like a spectator in a world that does not care. A selfish world I use to be a part of. Do I sound crazy? Probarly.

You're not crazy. When was your stroke? My husband just had a stroke in 2011 at the age of 33. I thought he was the youngest person alive to have a stroke at first but am finding out about kids who had them. You never really know until you go through it. I was at the hospital and neurorehab every single day rain, shine, snow for him until he came was severely emotionally, mentally and physically draining. Playing the waiting game as we speak. Right side paralysis and aphasia.