Hello everyone ,my name is patricia, ihad my stroke on 6th october 2007. It was an hemoragic stroke to my cerabellum. Iwas in hospital for five weeks.My husband has been so good seeing to my needs.It happened so quickly,one minute fine the next the dizziness and my vision told me this was going to be bad.The bleed was deep in my cerabellum so it was decided to wait and see.Im left with weakness on my right side,double vision and dizziness.I know things could have been so much worse though.I find not driving and going to work very hard to accept, but if i want my indipendance back i have to keep going.Until then i enjoy my grandaughter who is four and one day who knows i might be my old self again. i was 58 years old when i had my stroke.

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In my opinion, this must be your target! Try to get your old self back! It won't be any easy but I admire your effort very much. My mother suffered stroke and she doesn't want to get any better despite all the things we have provide to her (2 years physiotherapy 2 times a week, psychiatric help every week for about 2 and a half months) she only got worse.. hearing your success to some point made me really happy..I hope my mother thought like you do..