Maybe Someday

I would like to be a more dependable person. Someone who knows what she is doing at what is going on around her. At the moment, I'm lucky if I survive the day without tripping on my on feet.

It feels like I lack the basic skills in everyday living. Cooking and cleaning, that kind of stuff. I manage to do the enough to survive from day to day, but my home is a terrible mess and I often end up eating consumer-ready food because whatever I was trying to make turned out to be inedible.

It takes me very long time to familiarize with the environment, and I get lost easily. Maps don't help me, cause I can't read them.

I know that maybe if I put all of my effort into learning this stuff I would get better, slowly but steadily. That is how I have achieved all the other things in my life that aren't offered to me on silver plate. But somehow it's easier to just to try to ignore it and take the easiest route. Failures are so disheartening, and it's ridiculous that girl my age (I will turn 20 next month) has to ask help in anything that isn't about her studies.

There is so many things I know nothing about. Things that are right in front of me, yet I can't handle them. I want to ask someone to teach me, but it's too embarrassing to admit all the things that I cannot do. I have to learn it by myself, and I really hope I will...
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U will learn everything u need in this life. I promise! ))))))))))))))))))))