I've Got The Ovaries To Do This! :d

Contrary to what people might think, I'm actually not a man hater (well, I do hate some machos I personally know but that is a tiny minority).
I respect them.
I was raised to respect people:
"You don't have to love me, but you will respect me", was my parent's motto.

I've even been told I'd make the perfect housewife: always cleaning and trying to take care of people.
However, people think I do this out of duty...
I'm very protective of people in general, being the oldest girl in the family and what not. (It's cold outside, get a jacket, stop jumping you're going to get hurt, are you sick? Want me to go to the store and buy some theraflu?)
My brother was 3 years older yet I was always cheering him up in some way, trying to make him feel better, I was there for him you know?
That's what I want to be with other people, men included. Taking care of people in this way is just in my nature. (think big long hugs when you're depressed)

Then there's that other side of me ingrained even deeper. I'm not someone who likes to take orders, or depend on people. Depending on someone, especially a man because he might feel like "I'm the man I'm supposed to do this"(sometimes, he doesn't and that makes it all the more ridiculous".
People mistake my attention for submissiveness and get some pretty rude reality checks.
Being dependent on people gives a person leverage over you. "I pay the bills, I make the rules".
I sure as hell won't follow any rules I don't agree with so do not be fooled by my "polite, and nicey" habits. They won't mean a thing when I'm up against you. You'll wonder where the heck they went and if you were dreaming or not to begin with.
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feminist in the making ay?

Depends on what you mean by it lol. Definitely not aiming to degrade men, that is for sure. I hate it when girls use that to act like "princesses&divas". I love feminism otherwise, if it were for them we wouldn't be able to vote or go to school in some countries. We as women owe them a lot!

See your point. Hope you continue to maintain sanity with your feminism :-)