Sitting On a Crown of Thorns...

Throughout my life I have become a strong and independant woman. It was not a lifestyle choice but a situation thrust upon me in a desperate attempt to survive. Like gasping for air, I crawled my way up from an unhappy previous life and adapted like a chameleon to it's new environment.

I was married, had and raised two children, was poor and downtrodden. The quest for true love eluded me entirely but the lust for freedom burned so brightly in me that it was inevitable that I would make my escape eventually. I got divorced, bought my own home and secured a good job.

Now I am an independant and strong woman. I pay my own bills, and owe nobody nothing. I have complete and total freedom to do as I wish.

...but consider this

Because I am independant, it doesn't make me hard or unnaproachable. I still have doubts about myself everyday. I worry that being so independant will lead to a live of loneliness. I would gladly share what I have with someone special who loved me and I do want to be loved.

Men I have dated, have been intimidated by my status. It is as if they are affraid I don't need them. Financially, I probably don't but emotionally I do need someone special in my life.

I am a strong independant woman...but I am not an island. I sit on my success like I am sitting on a crown of thorns. I bear it because it has become my life away from a much worse scenario.


I wish someone would see that and give me a chance...

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3 Responses Jul 3, 2009

Yeah, I know THAT feeling all to well! lol<br />
<br />

I think you deserve to be loved by someone who doesn't feel threatened about the fact that you are not helpless! God I wish my wife had a little less dependence on me at times.... Good luck! But it has to fit with your happiness. You are already happy... it just needs to supplement that.

Independence and passionate love affairs, do not always mix well. Some women can pull it off, though. Keep trying.