Sometimes its hard to understand this specially to those who believe in chauvinistic nature well i dont think this is acceptable to be fair in the world we need to accept the facts that men and women are all equal plus those who belong to 3rd sex....i dont understand why its a big issue to others for me i never think that we men are superior than women because i see to it as an equal parts and for that i think even when we are still alive we do have equality and if we die the same way no matter what religion we belong.
tawam tawam
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yup we must treat everyone else as equal,did you know that starting this year or 2013 even the Miss Universe Pageant start to accept Transgender Women....yes it does so next time a priest will be women too...


yes everyone is equal and gone is the thoughts that men is the only one known by the supreme beings or what ever you believe i guess we are all equal in every way...